Ford Fiesta Rally3

The Fiesta Rally3 marks a new era for M-Sport – the first and so far, only manufacturer to offer a car for every tier of the FIA Rally Pyramid. The cost-effective four-wheel drive Fiesta Rally3 was designed and developed in M-Sport Poland’s state of the art facility in Krakow, Poland. 
The M-Sport Fiesta Rally3 is undergoing an intense development programme on a variety of surfaces and conditions across Europe, using a unique cross section of world class drivers. A clear set of targets and standards have now been identified for the Fiesta Rally3 to establish unrivalled reliability. The most notable target is the homologation date; M-Sport Poland will homologate the first ever Rally3 car on 1st March 2021.
The M-Sport Fiesta Rally3 will be available for €99,999 excluding VAT and registration costs. In anticipation of the popularity of the Rally3 category, production is already underway in Krakow and deposits for first orders will be accepted from 16th November.